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Le pubblicazioni sui parchi naturali toccano i più diversi argomenti come parchi e politica legate allo sviluppo sostenibile, o guide agli alberi e agli arbusti, rilancio dei parchi e prospettive future, o quelle contenenti la descrizione particolareggiata di un unico parco. Un grande volume, a...


Jiuzhaigou una valle colorata(Cina)
Si trova nella parte meridionale della catena montuosa Minshan,  sul bordo del Plateau tibetano dell'Himalaya, a 330 km a nord di Chengdu città situata nel sudovest della Cina, il parco si estende per circa 240 chilometri quadrati. Il suo punto più alto e oltre i 4.500 metri, ed è...
Il parco che ha vinto il titolo di “Il Parco più Bello d’Italia” è il Giardino di Villa Medicea di Castello Firenze per la categoria Parchi Pubblici. Villa Medicea di castello La Villa Medicea di Castello si trova nella zona collinare di Castello a Firenze, molto vicina all'altra celebre villa...
Riserva naturale monte Rufeno
La Riserva Naturale Monte Rufeno, istituita nel 1983, fa parte del sistema delle aree protette del Lazio e si estende per 2892 ettari nel territorio del Comune di Acquapendente al confine con l'Umbria e Toscana. Protegge estesi boschi, in un paesaggio collinare attraversato dal fiume Paglia....
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Natural Reserve of the Insugherata

The nature reserve covers an area of 740 has hanging in the territory of the municipality of Rome, between the via Trionfale and the via Cassia, constitute a natural corridor between the urbanized area north of Rome and the Veio natural system-Cesano, Northwest of the capital.

The Insugherata and surrounding areas preserve traces and memories of the vicissitudes of life and public life, that have crossed more than two thousand years. In reserve were surveyed over 630 species of flora that peculiar reserve: 44 is the protected area containing most of the herbs listed in Rome.

It takes its name from the presence of numerous examples of cork oaks.

Entering the reserve you can see a natural landscape rather articulate, switching from degraded areas "with soft Garrigue scents" dominated by Cistus and the Asphodel who loves sunny meadows and is a weed.

The inula which is a plant frutice Woody at the base and abundantly branched, vigorous, with erect branches with buds pubescent, issued a strong aromatic odor of resin.


In the Woods, dominate the Cork oak and downy oak, going down in the valleys, in a fresh condition, we find plants of hornbeam, Hazel, the manna-ash and oak, which constitute the so-called mixed forest. In the Valley, along the streams, we meet the white willow.


The natural Reserve of the insugherata is a jewel of great natural value that has the distinction of being in the urban fabric of Rome.

Initial reports are from the 6th century BC. Cross the Roman history and story of the Etruscans, the Rome of the Caesars and the Rome of the popes, in a sequence of events more or less documented up to the present day.


A walk in the Park

Villa Doria Pamphili

January 6, 2014

Old postcards depicting "The Casino"

Villa Doria Pamphili is one of the most important parks located within the city of Rome and also one of the biggest, in fact, extends to 184 hectares.

One afternoon in January, past the winter solstice, stroll in one of the most beautiful parks in Rome, with the Sun that warms like spring, is nice. Alive and intense are the colors of nature that surround the Park during this period, old-world charm.
The Villa, designed by the sculptor Alessandro Algardi and painter Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi in the early 1600s, is one of the best preserved in the city.

Among athletes that disposing of festive lunches running around the pond filled with ducks, and a sky that is reflected in the clear water, clove stroll is a pleasure. The Palm trees and giant trees are trees that speak of the history living.


In 1960, Villa Pamphili was divided into two separate parts for the opening of the Olympics on the occasion of the 17TH Olympic Games.

All around, the meadows and trees green vibrate so alive to look a yellow card coated the leaves of late autumn Shine gloss in the Sun of winter.

Country house of Pamphilj family, under the pontificate of Pope Innocent X (1644-1655), the Villa took on the appearance of a sumptuous aristocratic residence.

Meet moms and kids playing on the meadows and lovers embraced that linger along the river.

The road separates the Village into two zones; in the East lies the richest sector of testimonies and monuments, historic buildings and gardens, fountains and special furnishings, while to the West the Park remains a more "wild" and nature.

Curious visitors photograph the secret garden, box hedges so well cared for by skilled gardeners who perfectly know how to represent through the Topiary, a tribute to the beauty of the garden.

In 1972, with the acquisition by the municipality of Rome becomes, a public park, is also the headquarters of the Italian Government.