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The Italian Embassy in Brasilia, was designed by architect Pier Luigi Nervi in ' 77, today has become a "Green" example for other embassies.
Fits into a "Green Embassies" project promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a purifying garden made at the Embassy of Italy in Brasilia, which aims to make environmentally friendly Italian diplomatic offices promoting the Italian companies involved in green technology.
The vertical flow system, purifies waste water throughout the Embassy and reuses the irrigation purposes, avoid wasting potable water allowing a saving of about 10/€ 15,000 per annum. in a context of architecture-related features of the context, the plant is in operation by 2011.
Addis Ababa 
Villa Italy Embassy in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, is located on land originally of 40 hectares, now 15, granted by the Emperor Menelik to Italy at the end of the 19th century.
Original part made by the architect and Builder Castagna, Italian is the result of successive interventions between 1902 and 1924.
Inside the Park, the gardens feature native vegetation and trees some historians as specimens of juniper trees and African giants, specimens of native trees such as podocarpo, or pine fern and Africa with hagenia abyssinica, which bear witness to the history of the place.
In the forest you can find eucalyptus who passed the hundred-year-old specimens of exotic plants, such as the sternuti tree, several Palm trees and araucariee.
Trees arrived from Italy as citrus trees and oleanders, Oaks, chestnut trees, almond and peach trees, mulberries and Laurel and even an apricot tree.
Villa Hesperia is the Embassy of Italy in Algiers, is located in the neighborhood of El Biar and covers an area of 1.6 hectares. The Italian state purchased in 1953, from a French family.
The garden is divided into quadrants by two perpendicular axes, covered with pergolas of bougainvillea, and an internal path with paved flooring. Bounded by hedges and walls, that characterize an imprint of an Italian garden.
In 2010, the reconstruction of the new Diplomatic Chancellery Theatre restoration and the restored garden took a new centrality within the property.
The garden has been restored, respecting the origin of the dials, where is placed the rose garden, vegetable cultivation, orchard and flower beds; new trees were planted and new trees, to restore plants have disappeared over the years.
In the garden, rank hedges of lavender and santolina, while they are in addition to the rose garden, the hibiscus. Among the plants, I dwell: Palm Phoenix, corisia, Cypress, cedar, Magnolia, olive trees, ginkgo, araucaria, spire and plumbago. The two monumental trees of Ginkgo Biloba represent a genuine rarity throughout Algeria.
A waterfall and a fountain complete your current configuration. 
Pictures of Villa Hesperia Italian Embassy in Algiers are Elisabetta Zavoli