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 Anish Kapoor in Berlin


Anish Kapoor

  • Publisher: Walther Konig (30 settembre 2011)
  • Lingua: Inglese 
  • 30 settembre 2011


  • Anish Kapoor
  • date  2009
  • Publisher Phaidon (collana 
  •   This volume is a complete monograph dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the artist's career with hundreds of color pictures, sketches and drawings of his more ambitious projects. The unmistakable style of Kapoor have changed the face of contemporary sculpture with an Alchemy of natural and abstract forms made of different materials, from traditional ones such as alabaster and sandstone ultra technological ones like polished steel and PVC.




British India-born Anish Kapoor, Indian father and Iraqi Jewish mother, at the age of nineteen, after two years in Israel in a school of electronics, moves to England to enrol at the school of art. You fell in love with the famous machines of Marcel Duchamp and know who will become her teacher, Paul Neàgu.

Installations created from stainless steel, Giant sculptures, designed to reverse the image, the vision of the world upside down.

Kapoor's sculptural installation, known as C-curves, a reflective steel wall curve inside, with the shape of the letter C.

Once the Viewer is in front of the concave structure, as in the spoon, the reflected image tips and is inexplicably reversed.

The idea of each of these works is not just to engage and entertain the crowd by deformed mirrors, but remember that the point of view of everyone is an illusion form date that deforms, this changes according to the location of the audience.
"The world around you looks like something that would normally be taken for granted but that is not a foregone conclusion".