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 "Autumn at Landriana" the gardens created by Lavinia Taverna found in Ardea near Rome. 

While this week near Milan at Villa Taverna an ancient 12th century Rectory. later from 1525, at the Holiday Inn. Unfolds the Lavinia Taverna. The Villa is located in Canonica Lambro, a frazione of Triuggio and slightly elevated position a short distance from the banks of the Lambro. 
The October edition of Lavinia Taverna; born in 2005 from an idea by Maria Theresa Ferraro Rossi, former President of the Garden Club of Monza and Brianza. The award is recognition to women who have devoted commitment, professionalism and passion for gardens and plants, with the same passion that Lavinia filled in the creation of the gardens became an icon and inspiration for young women (and not only) that undertook or want to pursue this career.



    di Lavinia Taverna


Ellen Ann Willmott

Ellen Ann  Willmott

Woman protagonist in the history of the Garden: "Ellen Willmott, important witness, is remembered today, in 2013 with the award" Lavinia Taverna ". Miss Ellen Willmott, is one of the important figures in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, along with figures such as William Robinson and Gertrude Jekyll, with whom he shared in 1897, only two women, the prestige of the first "Victoria Medal of Honour", the highest honor the Royal Horticultural Society.


Ellen Ann Willmott; Botany, writer, gardener, much admired, was one of the great personalities of English gardening. Founded in 1858, daughter of Frederick Willmott, thriving and lawyer Ellen Fell of Tasker. Ellen is dedicated to many activities such as photography, carpentry, painting and gardening.

Warley Place, 30 hectares of garden near Brentwood in Essex on the outskirts of London, was once one of the most beautiful and interesting English gardens. His home and garden were demolished long ago, unfortunately with the demolition also proof of his extraordinary and rare collections of plants, shrubs and trees.

La proprietà, oggi in affitto dalla Essex Wildlife Trust, è gestito da volontari, una dimora e rifugio sicuro per la fauna selvatica. Con le poche risorse i volontari svolgono progetti di conservazione selettivi, come la ricostruzione del muro del giardino recintato, la sostituzione di alberi, e la ricostruire delle terrazze. Questi volontari hanno l'entusiasmo e passione per il parco di Warley e Ellen Willmott.


At Warley, I abide more than 100,000 species and cultivars of trees, shrubs and other plants, which have won prestigious awards. Ellen Willmott, has financed many expeditions in the Middle East where many new discoveries of plants took his name.


The first garden, daring and unbelievable Ellen was the creation of the fantastic, Rocky Alpine Garden. A deep throat, once also had a flowing Brook, several swimming pools, waterfalls, caves, fern-covered walkways, all designed by the young Ellen, when she was little more than twenty.

Ellen knew every inch of his garden and its gardeners when came the were already at work until the early hours of the morning. ' My plants and my gardens are before anything in my life for me are everything to them, I dedicate my time that I spend between a garden and another and when it is too dark to see plants, read or write on them.

Despite its beauty this valuable area for wildlife conservation, you can't help but wish that return to the Ancient Splendors of Ellen Willmott.