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Elena Accati. Flowers in the family: history and stories Eva Mameli Calvino.        

How to store Jasmine bulbs? When using porous vessels, and when those painted? How to prepare soil for roses?
Italo Calvino's parents meet, in this delightful book of seventy years ago, questions from gardening fans yesterday, today, forever. A little gem. Simple, dry, useful. Beautiful.

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Eva Mameli Calvino

Eva Mameli Calvino

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The first noble story is about Eva Mameli Calvin, graduated with a degree in natural sciences in 1907 and in 1915 was the first woman in Italy to have the lectureship in Botany. A challenge was to finalise a etymological dictionary floriculture and botany as fully as possible without losing anything of what had been his intense work.
Who tells her story is Elena Accati in a book titled "flowers in the family" in the new volume published by "Science" editorial describes the figure of Eva Mameli Calvino, mother of the famous Italian writer. To enrich the whole thing are the shades of color that come to life at the hands of Anna Curti who, with his drawings, accompanies the whole story.
Eva Mameli Calvin is one of the most important scientific figures of the early twentieth century, which has operated in Italy and not only to enrich and innovate that science which for her was above all a passion, Botany.

Her beautiful homeland, Sardinia, has created in her curiosity and love for nature, which brought to love just as Cuba, where she operated for years, and the beautiful San Remo where he established, with her husband, the experimental Station for floriculture.
"Flowers in the family" has an infinite number of facets that well tell Eva's life, from childhood, to the meeting with her husband and love that United them, pregnancies, to war, to the satisfaction and the surprises that fate Rahim.


Eve is a woman, perhaps a bit austere, but determined, full of passion, dedicated to the family, unable to give to science, indispensable for helping others. In fact the aim of his research is mainly to make a contribution to agriculture and the economy, using all herself to discover and implement new scientific techniques related to flowers.

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