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Grazzano Visconti Castle

Grazzano Visconti Castle


The castle of Grazzano is situated in Vigolzone near Piacenza and is been erected in 1395, perhaps on a pre-existent structure, by Giovanni Anguissola to live in with his wife, Beatrice Visconti.

The castle has a quadrangular plant with a tower on each corner. The entrance was made by a drawbridge that now is almost disappeared.

The small medieval hamlet is been restored thanks to Giuseppe Visconti Di Mondrone, in the first years of ‘900. The only ancient building left, besides the castle, is the small church dedicated to Saint Anna, private family’s chapel.

There is a legend about a ghost; Aloisa, a young betrayed by her husband, that died for jealousy and pain that is still protecting the small hamlet. Around the castle there is a park of 150.000 mq compound of different old trees that form an intricate labyrinth.

The castle’s Italian garden is been ideated and realized by Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone during the end of ‘800 and start of ‘900 years. It is a clear example of eclectic garden, when different inspirations make a perfect harmony and equilibrium of shapes.

The most important garden’s flower is the rose; with a delicate smell and bright colour.

Inside the park we can find autochthone plants as oaks, elms, poplars blacks, hazels, maples, cherry, hornbeam and ash, without considering the undergrowth of shrubs, such as crab apple, dogwood and privet. There are secular trees as well; a Platano of 150 years old, a Timo of 80 and a wonderful group of cedars of Lebanon.

Festival dei Gufi Piacenza


22.09.2013 - 23.09.2013

Inside the park of Grazzano Visconti Castle, there will be the third edition of the Owl Festival, a unique event in the world, with big guests from USA, Finland, Spain and Switzerland.