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Jakko Pernu was born in 1958 in Kälviä, Finland, and lives and works in

the city of Oulu.

contact: +358 40 5640 454

Email: jaakko.pernu(at)

Jaakko Pernu

Jaakko Pernu

Jaakko Pernu is a Finnish sculptor and environment artist living in the city of Oulu. He has been working 20 years with natural material - often in an oversized scale. Lately he has been working mostly abroad creating many public site specific works around Europe and Canada.

Many of Jaakko Pernu’s works derive their inspiration from his early life, growing up in rural Eastern Finland. As a child, Pernu helped his father construct wooden boats. He observed his father’s technique of manipulating wood to create sweeping, elegant shapes, and this is evident in his distinct environmental sculptures.

Pernu’s work is generally made of natural materials – branches and trunks found near a site, expertly woven together to achieve exquisite forms. Often made of willow, his works are typically left to the elements, and their degradation serves as an aspect of the work as they weather and decay over time.

"The ideas to my works come intuitively into existence by surprise out of time and place. I feel that my ready works can be part of the specific art world, placed in a museum or in a gallery, but just as well they can be in the dimension of everyman, on a strange route, along by which you would bump into them by chance. My theme is the influence of humans on nature - the influence of nature on humans."

by Jaakko Pernu