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is a flower "Tatoo"

colorful and bright flower of hibiscus is the most representative tribal tattoo in the Hawaiian Islands: a symbol of great power and respect, in white is purity and inner lighting, purple to wealth.

Hibiscus flower and other uses

 the delightful tea without caffeine of Hibiscus flowers, Ruby-red colour, very good hot or cold, intense flavor of berries and lemon, is known as ' hibiscus flower ' in Italy, Egypt and Sudan.

In Jamaica and in many islands of the Caribbean, a refreshing drink made by mixing Hibiscus flowers with other herbs, roots and spices, is traditionally served cold with sugar cane at Christmas time; the hibiscus is also mixed with Jamaican rum or wine. Dried hibiscus flower, eaten as a delicacy in Mexico, candy and also added as a garnish.

From the bark of the Hibiscus (Hibiscus canabinus) you get strong fibres that warm subtropical areas, can reach up to 3 metres in length and which are used to produce raw materials, networks, paper and, in Polynesia, straw skirts and wigs.

Flowers are always the favorite of designers with whom they represent on the spring and summer. Floral prints are color and brightness, representing the fashion trend at the moment. The hibiscus is one of the most represented, we use print on swimwear, leisure shorts and sarong.





l'Ibisco or Hibiscus, belongs to the family of Malvaceae that includes about 300 species of small trees, shrubs and herbaceous annual or perennial plants. The name comes from the Greek and probably was given by Dioscorides, a well-known physician of antiquity, lived in the first century a.d.

It is an Evergreen shrub in the areas of origin; the tropical areas of Asia and the Pacific Islands, can reach considerable size while in areas with mild climate, does not reach relevant dimensions.

There are numerous species all have in common the characteristic that the flowers, which appear under the armpit or leaves at the apex of the branches, are funnel-shaped. Can be simple, double or multiple. The calyx consists of five sepals and corolla consists of 5 petals in flowers. From the center of the flower stem emerges the column on which are placed the stamens and is typically longer than the corolla. The staminal column carries on its extension five pistils. The flowers are scented with the exception of a few species.

HIBISCUS ROSA SINENSIS (Luigi Strano photos)

 the best-known ornamental flower, also known as "China's Hibiscus" with approximately 1000 varieties of uncertain origin, obtained by hybridization and mutation.


shrubby Species native to Syria by medium-high size that can reach 4 m in height.


native to North America is a perennial herbaceous plant of a couple of metres in height.


originating in Africa is an annual plant bushy appearance which can reach one metre in height.
The Hibiscus, is a plant found in many gardens, creates happiness with its colours: pink, Fuchsia, violet and many shades from red to yellow, perfect for borders and hedges. Used in the urban townships as decoration, it has two functions, as well as being aesthetically beautiful, is very resistant to pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide.