Condividiamo la bellezza



  Rome 24 - 25 - 26 January 2014 

Palazzo dei Congressi Eur hosts AMI Expo, the first exhibition dedicated to Mediterranean products.
The event promoted the excellence of Italian food. An ancient flavour food that rieduchi the palate, a conscious power and promoting local products and sustainable consumption. Producers and distributors meet to network. 

We cross the great entrance at around 10.30 this morning; There are few people, at the Conference: "Rock 'n food, the rock between the turntable and the dishes on the table" is interesting to know how our habits have changed over time, the music that you listen to while you do many other things; even while we eat.

Azienda Agricola “Ferracci


The first manufacturer we encounter are, Yekaterinburg, mozzarella di bufala, knots, braids spiced ricotta, ricotta. The farm "Ferracci" lies at Yekaterinburg in Via Prati La Cesa province of Frosinone.

Biscottificio "Biscò"

 handmade cookies, visit the company's website at De Angelis Vincenza, where flipping through the virtual pages, we find the tradition of simple things, products of Anagni-FR-, here brought biscuits and stuffed with sour cherry jam, really good.

Azienda agricola"Janas"


a farm that grows high-quality wheat and ancient peasant culture heritage. Find the scent and flavor of bread made with flour, recognize the taste of genuine food, as in the past. Welcomes us a couple nice, that invites us to come to find, in June when the wheat in the fields is mature and has spectacular color. Località Colle Ombroso Porano - Terni.


"Il sale della vita"

from the world, amazing how many different types of salt there are in this company of San Vito dei Normanni in Bari, the first in Europe to import table salt and spicy cuisine, comes from all over the world, the exhibition halls annusiamo, smells that we lost and that with pleasure we find in this sale.

Pastificio "Pasta di Salvatore Astorino"


We arrive in Calabria in Crotone, Pastificio Astorino, Pasta di Salvatore Astorino tradition of peasant cuisine of Calabria. A simple pasta is made with genuine ingredients, Calabrian Earth rich in olive groves, vineyards, Woods and water, conditions for the cultivation of wheat good.

Saperi e Sapori

The passion for the territory ... the culture of taste, this is the sentence that contains the key to Knowledge and tastes of Antrodoco, Rieti province www.ianusilgenuino.itjams and compotes from combine the good pecorino cheese, served with traditional local sweets.


And the heart of Tuscia, Celleno has always been a leader in the protection of "cherry" a product that brings a smile on our tables, plus antioxidant properties.

Azienda agricola "Sapori di ieri"

The company yesterday Flavors that Antonella fennel, represents, is located in loc. Madonna del Giglio in Caprarola – Vt, products of the territory of Tuscia, where always hazelnut cultivation is the principal activity for many local companies. Flavors of yesterday, he even "magical herbs", a combination of herbs, Sage Rosemary, precious and indispensable in the kitchen.

Fiori&Forchette soon will tell the story of Antonella


Consorzio dell'Aglio rosso di Sulmona

Production consortium of Sulmona red garlic. The consortium which protects the production and processing of garlic red, identity and quality of the Peligna Valley a tradition that risked disappearing. The Consortium is to guarantee and to protect the consumer.

Torrefazione "Caffè Italia"

You feel the fragrance of "Italia Caffe" taste is health, as is written on the flyer of this small roaster that is located at the gates of Rome Fiano Romano, passion and quality are the characteristics of this coffee roasting that takes care of each step to get a quality product.

Il Pesto di Prà


Pesto di Prà from 1827, traditional pesto genovese par excellence has always been the sauce for our pasta. This pesto flavor, born of Genoese Basil Dop guaranteed, parmigiano reggiano and pecorino romano and invites you to try its recipes.

Azienda agricola "La Luna del Casale"


The Moon of the farmhouse is an organic farm, excellent wine and oil, in the territory of Lanuvio rich in traditions, the company here is represented by Sara and Enrico. A farm with ancient traditions, such as the collection of the olives by hand and cold-pressing.

“Il Molino”

"Il Molino" Soc. agricola Dryer to Montefiascone VT. Between history and tradition, in the hills near the Lake of Bolsena, a territory rich in history, lies, this company that from generation to generation, continues the tradition of good practice, extra virgin olive oil, jams, and cosmetics are the products that always distinguish

Concludes our "tour" where we met producers and farmers of the first expo Mediterranean flavors. We have met the quality and passion, who puts the heart in order to build consumer confidence in the products.
Mediterranean flavors a "taste" of Expo 2015 on the theme of food. The food is not only a business but is passion for many manufacturers. look for the products that are guaranteed and certified quality is a guarantee for our health.