Condividiamo la bellezza

The Garden in spring

The Garden in spring
A trip to the garden, full of flowers, a paradise of colours and perfumes, after months of rain, the spring is already showing the first blooms.
The bulb flowers are the first that are peeping in the garden, daffodils and tulips rise straight upwards and impressive already in full bloom.
With careful patience waiting for us a nice job of seeding, to have a esplosine of colors in late spring and throughout the summer.
Preparing the pots with soil; It is important to use a soft soil that retains moisture. composed with the peat is mixed in equal proportions to the sand and clay; before sowing should be wetted and kept humid.
The seedbed will luca many seedlings and will help us put in place already well developed; in this way you will be able to prepare flower beds by choosing colors and place them in better ways.
The primula, so called because it is the first of the flowers blooming before the arrival of spring, nature has small flowers, pale yellow. For having various colors from red to pink to buy good seeds planted and watered soon sprout.
The petunias are flowers that color in the garden or in pots, branched bushes high by 30/60 cm and a wide range of colors, from white to pink, from purple to blue. Flowering lasts beyond the spring, sheltered from the wind and in full sun.
The Tagete or Carnation of Indians, its color is bright yellow and Burgundy, blooms in May and should be kept away until late spring, it doesn't have a pleasing fragrance, for this is planted in the garden to keep away the pests.
Zinnia is a flower that produces thick bushes, branched and large Daisy-shaped flowers, simple and double. You sow between February and April, maintaining seedbeds to shelter the new seedlings are planted in April-May. The zinnias are all sorts of things, even bicolor and mottled, remember that love the Sun and make sure they are watered with the dry land.