Condividiamo la bellezza



Ravenna is a lovely green corner behind the Battistero Neoniano.

At the behest of the Banca Popolare of Ravenna and of the municipal administration who wanted to donate to the city this green space where history and nature come together to offer an alternative destination for strolling.

The garden is enclosed by massive walls that leaves no leaked city noises, creating a magical atmosphere, enhancing the colors and the scents of herbs grown.

A garden between the historic buildings where history and nature come together. Beds of herbs in nineteenth century geometry in a radial pattern around the fountain in wrought iron.

In the flowerbeds, they grow herbs, recipes preserved by ancient apothecaries, everyday herbs in Mediterranean cuisine.

St. Peter's wort herbs 

The herbs like coltsfoot, ferfara, hyssop and burdock, growing luxuriantly along with vegetables like St. Peter's wort, lovage or celery of the Romans and hops..

The view is captured by the glimpse of a Ravenna unusual, the cupola of the Cathedral and its bell tower.