Condividiamo la bellezza

labyrinths of Villa Pisani

With the same logic, are made of labyrinths, tunnels, colonnades and amphitheaters.

secret garden of Villa le Balze

This  is the secret garden, a private area, hidden, from vegetation,  is used for the cultivation of rare plants or to relax out of sight of the others.

Garden francese  di Villandry

The Italian garden was important to the entire history of gardening, has influenced decisively, since birth French garden and English one.

Castle Orsini Vasanello Garden Medievale

The architecture of the Italian garden is the evolution of the medieval one, developed in Italy in the mid-16th century.

Villa di Castle

The first geometric Italian garden is traditionally referred to the ingenuity of Niccolò Tribolo, who worked in Florence, the main protagonist of the most important shipyards of Medici villas: villa gardens, Castle of villa Corsini and then to the Boboli Gardens, providing a model that was then developed dramatically in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Barocco Villa Gamberaria

With time, the perfect form is modified and softened the baroque garden has flower gardens and terraces that only near the Palace retain the geometrical rigour, while, as we moved away, the forms become more sinuous and appear oval and irregular shapes. 

Villa Cetinale


The Italian garden, is a style of classical-inspired garden late-Renaissance style and is characterized by flowerbeds and geometric bands, obtained with the use of rows of trees and hedgerows, vegetable sculptures of varying shape obtained with the pruning evergreen shrubs (Topiary).
Gardens Villa Boboli
photos of fontana Boboli Gardens With meanings related to the history and appearance of the surrounding environment; geometric ponds, often combined with architectural features such as fountains and statues.
Villa Ruspoli
Villa Ruspoli begins to use the avenues as perspective axis, connecting the various parts of the garden; particular attention is given to the scenic effects, accented with hanging gardens, terraces and stairways.
Photos Topiary art
Photo creating Topiary gardens carefully subservient to the geometry of shapes, often with large groups of plants or plant complexes of trees or shrubs pruned according to geometric shapes, such as trees, tall even more than 20 metres, pruned to espalier, which create real plant architectures.
Villa Lante
Villa Lante a feature that is found in all formal gardens are ground decorations made with flowerbeds, hedges of evergreens (boxwood), and floral decorations painted on the grass or gravel bottom.