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The "Venaria Real"

The "Venaria Real"


A resident of Savoy, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1997. The Palace ofVenaria is located in the homonymous town of Venaria Real in Turin province, situated on the confluence of the rivers Stura di Lanzo and Ceronda, at the base of the Arch of the Graian Alps.


The Palace of Venarìa was designed and built in a few years (1658-1679) to a design by the architect Amedeo di Castellamonte. Commissioned by Duke Carlo Emanuele II, as a Palace of pleasure and hunting, to the proximity of the Woods known as great country, rich in game.


The gardens arranged on two levels, on the right side of the building complex had a balcony which rested on the Park's caves; beyond the Palace extended the gardens of Park's high arranged along a great allies that the fountain of Hercules leading up to the Temple of Diana. Apart from the Temple of Diana was then the hunting territory itself.


The gardens were destroyed by the French under Napoleon, who transformed the palace barracks, was lost as the value of the original work of the gardens.

Are the designs of the era, some of Giovanni Francesco Baroncelli, showing the splendid Italian garden divided into three terraces connected by stairs and spectacular architectures (such as the clock tower of the first courtyard) interlinked. With the restoration of the gardens, opened in 2007, will outline the characteristic elements of the project, a natural transformation, which represents one of the great historical Italian gardens.

Today lend themselves to sets of artwork, inserted in the gardens, as the memory of the past through contemporary works.

One of the artists involved is Giuseppe Penone, one of the leading international contemporary artists, in his artistic formation there is personal and direct relationship with nature as indelible mark.

In 2011 was visited by 951,317 people, making it the fifth most visited Italian museums site.

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